High Spirits All Round- The Boys Who Have Changed The Bagpack Game

John and Joshua, two high spirited brothers who set out with a mission to one day run their own business and boy, have they done just that. Not only are they now owners of their own bagpack company, they have created something completely unique and unseen- theft-proof bags! 

When travelling in New York they were constantly being reminded to watch their bags and possessions, setting a paranoia over the whole trip. It was then that they came up with the fabulous idea of a stylish bagpack safe from theives and saw the beginning of High Spirit Bags

By making one simple amendment to the standard bagpack- having the zip run down the spine of the bag rather than the front- they have upped the game in the bag world and done some good at the same time. Genius! The bags also look super cute and they’re unisex.

It’s not surprising that I’ve worked with the boys before (click here), such energetic, welcoming characters that fully deserve every bit of success that comes their way. I just had to work with them again so was beyond excited when they asked me to feature as this month’s Global Citizen. You can see the full feature and learn a little more about me and the boys by clicking right here. I’m sure you’ll be seeing much more from them very soon.

High Spirit Bags: Keep those thieves away! 

Want to rock a bagpack but not too sure which one to go for? This could be the post for you…

I’ve opted for an anti-theft High Spirit Bag. Yep, you heard it. Anti-theft. 

High Spirit was created by two very high spirited young men raised in Hackney, London, who didn’t want their love of life and travel to be ruined by pickpockets and thieves. You can read the full story behind the creation of High Spirit here (I assure you it’s worth the read), but all in all, their entrepreneurial minds led to a clever little bag to wash all of your worries away. A simple idea that is to revolutionise the bagpack industry- switching the zip to run down the spine of the bag instead of across the front!

“Life is not about the destination. It’s about the journey. It’s also about being in the moment and enjoying every walking moment of your life.” 

Not only do they keep your treasures safe, helping keep your mind at rest when out and about, they also look amazing. I’ve gone for gold and black (my fave colours, as shown below) but there’s more options on site. I’d also recommend the Black Ostrich Bagpack– an easy one to go with every outfit. 

If you’re one for adventure but want to look good while you’re at it, then High Spirit is definitely worth checking out. 

Thank you to the High Spirit guys for introducing me to such a wonderful invention and for being the positive men that you are- don’t loose that and please don’t stop creating! We want to see more! xx