Feel More Scentered…

Ever get the feeling that you just need a big hug? Sure you have. We’ve all been there. As much as we go about taking on the world, we all need to show ourselves a little love, take a moment and find some balance. But for some reason it’s not always that easy to be quite so kind to ourselves.  Sometimes we need that little extra help- be that with picking up our mood, falling asleep or even just with boosting our concentration power- and I’ve found a brand that recognise that. Introducing Scentered.

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Curly Hair Routine

After the success of my collaboration with Sian from lovesian TV, showing you our fave curly hair products, tips and tricks, I’m back with another video for all of you curly hair girls (and a couple of tips for straight hair gals too)! 

This time I’m demonstrating my curly hair routine- how I prep and style my curls- from start to finish. See a little taster below or click right here for the full video. 

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Beauty and the Beast of Ideals

I was reading an article online, which addressed the issue of teenagers and what, as teens, we all may have done differently if only we’d have known what we know now. It discussed self-love, overcoming breakups and not conforming to what we’re told we’re supposed to look or act like. A great idea and a very helpful read for many I’m sure. Only there’s one thing that played on my mind. The same issues- lacking self-love, dealing with break ups terribly and aspiring to certain ideals- all still exist in the adult world. If we can dish out the advice to others, be that children, teenagers or peers, why can we not abide by it ourselves?

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Blistex MedPlus

Earlier this year I shared with you the magic of Blistex Intensive Moisturiser. Now I’m bringing to you another Blistex treat, Blistex MedPlus. Containing conditioning Cocoa Butter along with cooling Menthol, this is a fabulous find for lips in need of a little (or a lot of) extra TLC… 

Having recently travelled abroad, I somehow managed to slip up on my usually careful lip sun protection routine and the results weren’t pretty! Dry, cracked and quite frankly painful lips aren’t something that I’d aimed to achieve, but I was stuck with them anyway. Racing to the shops in search of a remedy, I planned to pick up the Blistex Intensive Moisturiser that I had previously loved. Yet when scouring the lip balm isle something else caught my eye. Recommended for distressed lips in need of rescue I headed straight to the checkout.

Overnight my lips were visibly healthier and although not yet back to their hydrated self, the Blistex MedPlus was definitely working. By day two my lips were back to normal and by day three they were more hydrated than ever! I have to say that this is by far the best lip care that I have ever used and that is a very bold statement. I still love my other balms of course, but when my lips are screaming for help, MedPlus is definitely what I’ll be reaching for. 

Oh, and it also has SPF 15 so is a great one to protect as well as repair! 

Available for £2.30 at Boots and Sainsbury’s. Choose from either a pot or the cherry flavoured stick. 

Source: blistex.co.uk