Sister & Co.- The All Natural Company

Finding a cosmetic (or even edible) product on the high street that has absolutely no chemicals, preservatives or artificial alterations can prove to be pretty difficult, if not near-impossible! In fact, I’d not come across a skincare brand that only stocks all natural products until I was gifted a little tub of Sister & Co. lip tonic from a good friend for my birthday and did a little digging into the brand.

Beginning with organic cold pressed raw coconut oil, Sister & Co. now provide a whole collection of skin care products made with unprocessed raw superfoods. Although the products don’t last as long as the chemically enhanced ones that we see in the skincare market, which can last around three whole years (Sister & Co. up to one year), they are produced in small batches every twelve weeks and sent straight to market so are guaranteed to be fresh.

The range includes body scrubs, creams, hair drinks and lip tonics and they even have special products for men, mothers and babies. My Raw Coconut Lip Tonic With Rose Otto and Cardamom feels heavenly and I don’t have to worry that my skin is absorbing any nasty chemicals! A little pricey for a lip balm at £9, I would definitely say that it’s worth it- a natural conditioner to extensively hydrate your lips. See more from Sister & Co. right here.

Source: Sister & Co.

CocoWhite X LoveSian

One of my favourite fashion and beauty bloggers Sian Peters, has teamed up with trendsetting brand Cocowhite to give you the chance to get your hands on some sought-after products… for free!

Cocowhite is the new health brand that the beauty industry can’t get enough of. They’re created a convenient and healthy way to whiter teeth in just one little package. Taking the traditional method of oil pulling, which involves swishing oil in your mouth for nearly 10 minutes to reduce bacteria and whiten teeth, Cocowhite provide the perfect dosage in handy little packets so that you’re good to go! Each box contains 14 sachets to be used over 14 days and LOVESIAN has got her (perfectly manicured) mits on some to give to you!

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Oil pulling might sound a little scary, but it’s a proven natural way to whiten teeth. It reduces the amount of harmful bacteria in your mouth and fights plaque (a biofilm of bacteria on the teeth)! Plaque isn’t your friend- it discolours teeth and leads to bad breath and can even cause gum inflammation. When oil pulling, this harmful bacteria gets stuck in the oil and dissolves. Simple!

For your chance to win and try Cocowhite for free, head over to LOVESIAN for details before the competition ends on Wednesday 15th July at midnight, or find her on instagram @lovesian. Good luck! xx