New Balance X Tigeress Lifestyle: Vazee Rush

Here it is! The first edit of the New Balance x Tigeress Lifestyle has arrived and I’m sporting the Vazee Rush and matching training kit. A cushioned sports shoe that combines high performance running and versatile training into one shoe. While the midfoot wrap supports the arch, cushioning reduces impact, creating a comfortable trainer that’s also great on the eye!

With REVlite technology (that’s New Balance’s innovative foam creation), the shoe is also super lightweight. As in, you’ll pick up the trainer and have to look twice to check it’s still there! The trainer fits true to size- I’m a UK size 5 and wear a UK size 5- so you don’t have to worry about working out which way to move the sizing on!


Complementing the trainer is my kit. My perfectly matching capri pants are also super comfortable meaning no mid-workout adjustments are needed! Then there’s the open back top with sewn in printed sports bra, but there’s more on this little one to come soon…

Wherever your workout takes you, be sure to treat your body to the best kit to support it the way it should be supported (and all the better if you look great in it too)!

All shot by the wonderfully talented Dean Martindale in East London. Watch out for more from New Balance, Dean and myself right here on Tigeress. In the meantime, where will your workout take you? xx

New Balance & Tigeress Take To The Hills

This weekend I took to the forested hills of Hampstead with New Balance and the very talented photographer Dean Martindale. It was a hot (and sweaty) one, but if you don’t train then you don’t gain!

If the beautiful landscape wasn’t enough to keep me motivated, then my New Balance 574 trainers definitely were! Hills are the perfect way to work your full body- especially your legs, bum and core- so with the weather finally picking up, it’s time to show the hills who’s boss…



IMG_7126IMG_7125 IMG_7128


Outfit: Nicce London Trainers: New Balance 574 White/Navy Textile Trainers

Run This City

Get up close and personal with your city all while getting fit! I love taking in the hustle and bustle of the streets, the infamous landmarks and continuous buzz of the London and what better way to do so than to go for a run.

Running is one of the most effective forms of exercise with a number of health benefits such as burning calories, improving stamina and strengthening muscles, including your core. Fab abs here we come! It makes the skin glow and I’m not talking about the sweat, although this is the reason behind it. Sweating clears your pores and increases natural oils, meaning less breakouts and healthier looking skin. And the benefits aren’t just physical. Running can improved memory, aid positive thoughts (no glass half empty business here!) and give you a better nights sleep!

No matter where you work, live or travel, exploring the area by going for a run is always a great idea. You’ll improve your fitness and may just stumble across a few hidden gems.

Oh and by the way, if you’re worried about the ‘running-is-bad-for-your-knees’ offenders, the truth is that there’s actually no significant evidence behind this. In fact, there’s actually proof that there’s little correlation between regular runners and osteoarthritis. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise tracked 75,000 runners over 7 years and found no correlation between the two- including in marathon runners!!

Love your body, love your city, love your life. Go for a run.

Trainers & Headband: Nike. All images by the amazing Dean Martindale x
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