PINK (!) Wholegrain Berry Porridge

The days are shorter, nights longer and we’re starting to crave those good old stodgy home cooked meals… Well, I have something that will brighten up your mornings and satisfy your hot food needs- Pink Wholegrain Berry Porridge!

Not only is it warm, delicious, and looks fab, it will actually keep you full until lunch time and is one of your five a day (as well as being super healthy in itself). Made with a variety of summer berries- think raspberries, blueberries, cherries and cranberries- and whole rolled organic oats, this is one healthy meal to make any cold winter morning more enjoyable. Here’s the recipe below…


1 Handful of Frozen Berries

150-200ml of Milk

100g of Organic Whole Rolled Porridge Oats (click here- these ones are particularly good and not too pricey)

A Drizzle of Honey- optional!


Step 1

Add oats, berries and 150ml of milk into a pan.

Step 2

Heat on low-med temperature for 5 minutes, stirring throughout until at preferred consistency and ensuring that the berries are warm. Add more milk midway if required.

Step 3

Serve into your favourite bowl and add a little honey if you fancy!

Step 4


Hello, Again!

Hello Tigers,

It’s been a while and I must apologise for my time away. The past few weeks have been super busy for me (a few days in Morocco with New Balance, lots and lots and lots of work at ASOS HQ, a trip to the tropical island of Cyprus and of course, a good few work outs in between)! But I am back and raring to fill your feeds with fitness, fashion and health goodness once again, in the usual Tigeress style.

For me, Cyprus involved ten days of amazing company, yummy food, beach runs, belly laughing until my eyes were watering and abs felt like I’d just hit the sit ups, more food, surf waves, jungle shoots, sun lounging and last but not least, a whole lot of cheeky cocktails. Oh, and did I mention food? Doing my favourite things with some of my favourite people- heaven!

Now I’m back in the crazy city of London and although I was beyond excited to catch up with all of my UK friends, the fact was that I couldn’t face another rich meal or alcoholic beverage. My body had quite simply had enough. But what do you do in the city to socialise that doesn’t involve food and/or drink? Hmmm… good question!

Unfortunately, in modern culture, the main forms of entertainment involve binge drinking and over indulging. True, no? But things are about to change as exercise and health become the new ways to catch up with your bestie. People are realising that they don’t have to sacrifice health to have fun. I strongly believe in balance and I’m not saying to ditch the drink or abandon eating out entirely, but next time you’re planning on meeting up with friends, why not try a goss whilst running in the park or over a smoothie at the local juice bar?

What did I decide to do to catch up with the girls on my return? Roller disco! More belly laughing, fab company, a whole lot of fun, exercising without even realising it and no hangover the next day… Looking after your body is quickly becoming the new way to be happy, and what better way to do so that with friends by your side! It’s time to get your health on, tigers and I’m here to help you out along the way! xx

Eat Your Fruit, Juice Your Veg!

Fruit juice, a deliciously sweet treat and one of your five a day. Sugary goodness that we can enjoy without feeling guilty because it’s natural sugars, of course! But is that morning glass of fresh orange really as good as we think it is? Unfortunately the answer is no.

There really is a reason behind why drinking more than one glass of fruit juice a day is a massive no no (and doesn’t count towards another portion of your fruit intake)! It’s quite scientific but putting it simply, the main reason is fibre. When we juice our fruit we lose the fibre, which is really important for slowing down the time it takes the sugar from entering our blood stream. Hence, preventing blood sugar levels from spiking. Without fibre our blood sugar levels rise very quickly, greater increasing your chance of type 2 diabetes. According to a Credit Suisse study, “8oz of Tropicana orange juice contains twice as much sugar as a Krispy Kreme donut!” Eeeek!! If that isn’t bad enough, the high amount of fructose in fruit juice enters your body, digests and leaves a pretty similar result to the consumption of alcohol- just without the fun of the night out! Not what you want.

Luckily, juice isn’t banned completely! The way we consume fruit and vegetables can have a huge effect on how well their nutritional benefits impact our bodies. For example, it’s thought that it’s best to cook tomatoes to get their full nutritional value. Vegetables tend to have higher nutritional benefits than fruit when consumed as a juice. Perhaps it’s time to eat your fruit and juice your veg? The best vegetables to juice are leafy greens such as spinach and kale, broccoli, asparagus, garlic and red peppers. Just maybe go easy on the garlic if you’ve bagged a hot date that evening!

In all honesty, there are lots of debates around the consumption of any kind of juice with people telling us what to and not to eat and drink. One glass of juice every so often is great and does provide health benefits. What I’d really recommend is to make your own juice drinks and add the pulp back in! That way you’re still getting most of the goodness. Think freshly made smoothies rather that juices and green juices for the ultimate nutrition boost! Tasty drinks that you can really feel good about!! Xx

Start Your Day The Healthy Way

Everybody knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It literally ‘breaks the fast’ after your night’s sleep, waking up your metabolism and helping to burn fat quicker! It gives you a better chance of losing weight and makes you more alert. But what are the best foods to really make the most of this magical morning meal?


Research shows that eating two eggs in a morning (I recommend scrambled or boiled) can be great for weight-loss. Eggs contain a high amount of protein so will keep you fuller for longer. They also contain a nutrient called choline, which can improve both your nervous system and cardiovascular health.

Peanut Butter and Toast

One of the easiest to make healthy breakfasts. Peanuts in the morning can increase levels of the hormone that tells you that you’re full. So basically, you will recognise that your full that little bit earlier, reducing the amount of food that you want to consume. Yipppee!


Bananas keep you feeling fuller for longer so are perfect for breakfast. They are a great source of potassium, which helps to naturally lower blood sugar levels. Try on wholemeal toast (delicious), sliced onto porridge or simply eat as a mid-morning snack.


If you want to feel less hungry throughout the day, swap your cereal for oatmeal porridge. Top with fruit, seeds, nuts or a sprinkle of chia for added taste (and better Instagram pictures)! If you’re not feeling porridge or have a little bit of a sweet tooth then oatmeal muffins could be a good choice!

Fruit and Cheese

In a rush? Grab an apple, a small amount of cheese (1-2 ounces) and a handful of walnuts and you’re good to go! A good one to eat on the move.


My personal fave. Smoothies are surprisingly filling and super good for you. Experiment with your favourite fruit and Greek, natural or low-fat yoghurt. If you’re fed up of fruit, there are plenty of non-fruit green smoothie recipes out there, which are AMAZING for your health! Kale, spinach and broccoli are particularly good! Even if you’re not a huge veg fan, this could be a surprisingly great way to get you that green intake. Give it a go!


Hydrating, filling and full of immunity-boosting anti-oxidants, grapefruit is a great breakfast choice. Accompany with protein (think yoghurt or eggs) for the most beneficial breakfast!

Breakfast’s an excuse to eat that will actually benefit your health, so start your day the right way and get tucked in! Happy eating! x