NEW! Fat Burning Workout by Kirby Anne

For anybody looking to loose weight and/or increase their fitness, I’ve designed a workout just for you! Created to build up a sweat, get your heart pumping and most of all burn fat, this is my ultimate Fat Burning Workout and it launched on YouTube today.

See what’s in store in the short clip below or head over to YouTube- Kirby Akindeinde for the full routine.

P.S. It’s another no equipment workout that you can take with you anywhere and everywhere, so there are absolutely no excuses! 😉


Victoria’s Real Secret: Boxing

With the recent Victoria’s Secret show hitting London, all eyes were on those ridiculously lean legs, to-die-for abs and fabulously toned arms. Bodies that many girls would give their right arm, leg and make-up bag for (I mean who really needs make-up anyway when you have a body like that)! But just how do those flawless ladies get their bodies? The answer… boxing!


Everybody knows what boxing is, but it’s not exactly a sport that we participated in at school. In fact, I imagine that it was rather frowned upon. But boxing has quickly become the way to get fit fast. Victoria’s Secret models Lily Aldridge, Adriana Lima and Kelly Gale have all revealed boxing as their number one workout! If it’s good enough for the Victoria’s Secrets girls, then I definitely want to give it a try. So I did.

Going to boxing gym Gymbox, I had plenty of choice as to what kind of boxing I’d want to do. I decided on Thai boxing, as I have quite a lot of leg strength so thought this would work to my advantage. My initial thoughts were ‘how hard can this really be?’ Punch a few bags, throw a few kicks. But it was way harder than I expected. I’d worked up a sweat in no time and was working practically every muscle, including ones that I hadn’t used much before (or at all).

The truth is, that these beautifully fit women actually train hard to build and maintain their bodies! Whatever your ideal body would be, you need to work for it and that’s exactly what these ladies do. Boxing is intense but fun and even after a super hard session you’re eager to get back in the ring! When I gave it a go, there was a combination of men and women training together, all encouraging each other to push harder. It was great and there was a real sense of group bonding!

If you want to get fit, toned, have a full-body workout and have fun, then boxing is definitely the way to go. 

So Victoria, you’d better watch out. We know your secret and we’re coming for you! xx

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TRX: The Workout You Can Take Anywhere!

Even for the most fitness-obsessed of us it can be difficult to make your workouts happen all of the time. Our lives are getting busier, especially over the festive period, and we have to make a conscious effort to get ourselves working out and have to set aside time to get down to the gym. Well this little contraption could be the answer to everything- fitness equipment that allows you to workout anywhere!
The TRX Suspension Trainer is a workout system that uses your body weight and gravity to work any of your muscles. Quite a simple, but absolutely brilliant idea that uses ropes with handles, which can be used in multiple ways to get your body working!
TRX trainers can be used in the gym (most gyms will have a permanent one already installed), at home, in hotels or even outdoors. Mine easily attaches to door frames for at home training. It really can be used anywhere! Not only that, but they’re actually a pretty reasonable price and much more effective than some larger, more expensive pieces of gym equipment that don’t fold up in your bag for on-the-road use!
They’re great for both men and women at all fitness levels and will work any muscles you desire. They’re especially good for improving core strength and general muscle endurance. It’s completely down to you how intense you make your workout. You can adjust the straps, bodily position and reps to suit your ability.
I’m a huge fan of full body workouts so usually use mine for an all-over body challenge. Although my favourite moves include suspended knee tucks, jumping squats and upright press ups! The squats of which my personal trainer nearly killed me and made my legs and bum hate me for the next couple of days! I even took mine in my suitcase to Cyprus and blasted out some hot weather training. Tanning and training, just what I like…
You can purchase a number of variations of the TRX system at differing price points, but TRX is the original trainer. So pick one up today and take your workouts wherever you desire!
Psst… There’s a 20% sale on now on the original TRX trainers!! Merry Christmas! xx