& Other Stories Bath and Body

Taking care of your skin is just as important as looking after any other part of your body and & Other stories are making it so much more enjoyable. Their Bath and Body range not only makes your skin feel great but also smells delicious (there’s even a scent to suit every taste)!

From body scrubs, washes, mists and oils to hand lotions and soap, they have every body care product that you would wish for to keep your skin glowing daily and it doesn’t just stop there… Each set of products is available in a different scent. All so yum that I’ve had to list a few below!

Moroccan Tea- fresh mint leaves stirred into sweet amber tea.

Arabesque Wool- deep earthy oud with a twist of citron.

Shinjuku Bloom- scattered cherry blossom petals after the rain (my favourite).

Lemon Daydream- zesty citrus dappled by sun warmed wood.

Floral Memento- dusty violets settling amongst bergamot trees and peony dreams.

Steel Gardens- petals swept in a silver haze revealing hints of forever floral.

Punk Bouquet- frothy vanilla soda on a rebellious rose bouquet.

Tangier Tales- a veil of dark amber lingers over sultry pear.

Botanic Whisper- vivid orange blossom tinged with coriander.

Belleville Bakery- tangy lemon juice melting into creamy vanilla.

And the list goes on… These really are sweet treats that you don’t have to feel guilty about! In fact, your skin- and nose- will be thanking you plenty! Available in store and online, with prices ranging from £4 to £12. They make the perfect gift (for others or for yourself) and will make your bathroom look and smell heavenly. Enjoy xx

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Guest Writer Lois Brown: Reebok Fit Hub

Today is a special day for Tigeress Lifestyle, as we see the first post written by a guest writer. My best friend and fellow fitness-fashion obsessive Lois Brown, is joining us to talk all things Reebok! This one’s a good one for any of you Northern bunnies (but there’s a little something for everyone if you follow the link). Let’s here what Lois has to say!

Calling all my Northern beauties! I recently discovered that Reebok are offering FREE fitness classes in my area and just had to go along and see what I have been missing out on.

The Intersport Sporting Pro store in Kirkstall Valley Retail Park in Leeds was the meeting point and it wasn’t long before I met a small group of ladies ready and raring to go. With the encouragement and enthusiasm of our wonderful trainer Stacey Jaques, we started off with some static stretches in the store (cue funny looks from onlooking customers)! We then had a steady jog to up to Kirkstall Abbey park just a couple of minutes away and gathered in a grassy clearing on the outskirts of the park. We carried on our warm up with some dynamic stretching to keep our heart rates pumping and our muscles well stretched.

The heart of the work out was an intense 10 minutes of interval style exercise with varying levels from beginner work outs with the option of making the work out a little more difficult if you felt up to the challenge. With a variation of squats, jumping lunges and star jumps for 40 seconds with a 20 second break, which was optional, Stacey really put us through our paces.

Then it was for interval sprints, side steps and high knees running, from one corner of the ready marked square to the other, adding more squats and jumping lunges at each interval. Finally, we had a steady jog back to the retail park to finish with a few stretches, cooling our bodies down gently.

Overall, I had a great experience with Stacey and the other girls. Stacey is a knowledgeable and experienced personal trainer- what’s more, she offers great advice and exercise tips for anybody suffering from minor injury, helping to make sure that their work out is just as successful.

I couldn’t recommend this class enough and to make things even better… it’s free!!! So Ladies, get signed up and get yourself along to this fun event held every Saturday morning at 10am, a great way to kick start your weekend.

Click right here to search for the Fit Hub event closest to you!

P.S. This Sunday, 8th of March , Reebok have organized a 5K run in recognition of International Women’s Day and once again it is free to enter. The meeting point is at the usual spot at the Intersport Pro Sports store in Leeds and all entrants get a free Reebok goodie bag worth over £35!

With love, Lois xxx

Tea Tree Oil

My top tip for blemish-free skin is Tea Tree Oil. Whenever I feel like an unwanted spot is about to emerge I head straight to my magic bottle of Tea Tree. Soothing skin and banishing blemishes, it’s the perfect way to zap spots quickly. Not only does it work amazingly, it also smells super fresh making my sinuses reap the benefits as well!


I’d recommend this little Tea Tree Oil gem from The Body Shop. It can be applied directly to the skin, where most Tea Tree oils cannot, and instantly soothes spots and encourages them to disappear! At £7 it’s definitely worth the purchase. xx

Stay Hydrated

Water is essential for beautiful skin, hair, nails and for maintaining top health. It’s especially important in helping us to exercise to our fullest ability. But, did you know that by the time our brains recognise thirst, our bodies are already dehydrated? Booo!

Unfortunately, most of us don’t sip quite enough of the good stuff as we should be doing. The recommended amount is about 2 litres per day, but this does vary slightly dependent on age, height, body mass, gender and the amount of exercise that we participate in. I recommend keeping a water bottle with you at all times. It will remind you to fill up on water, ensuring that your body’s hydrated all day long.

Oh and by the way, consuming enough water can also prevent us from over-eating, as sometimes our bodies mistake thirst for hunger. Meaning that drinking a little more water each day might just help us to loose a couple of pounds!

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Time for some TLC!

With all the strain that we’ve put our bodies through during the party season, it’s bound to show somewhere. Whether it’s through illness, weight gain, eye bags, dull skin (the list goes on), it’s likely that we’re all not looking or feeling our best at the moment. My body’s cry for help is always through my skin- I look much paler than usual and often find unwanted blemishes making an appearance. Time for some good old TLC!

Sleep. Use this weekend to catch up on your sleep. You’ll be amazed at how much of a difference this can make- you’ll feel much more alive, have brighter eyes and your skin will look that little bit healthier!

Relax. Take some ‘you’ time by running a nice bubble bath or having a little pamper session. This will help your body to unwind after a hectic December!

Vitamin C. Stock up on Vit C rich food such as strawberries, kiwi, broccoli, yellow peppers, kale and tomatoes. Vitamin C is well-known for it’s illness preventing properties. It protects cells helping to keep them nice and healthy.

Run. Although you may think that running will tire you out, it actually energises our body and mind way more than sitting around ever will! Make time to go for a run. It will clear your mind and have you instantly feeling revitalised.

Always remember to look after your body no matter how busy you are. The January Fitness Challenge is all about improving our health and bodies. You can’t be your best if you’re run down! xx