Health & Beauty Chit Chat on lovesian TV

Happy weekend, everyone! This week I’ve teamed up with Sian from lovesian TV to talk all things health and beauty. We’ll be chatting about gym do’s and don’ts, our number one way to keep healthy and lots of other health tips and tricks.

Sian is my favourite beauty blogger and best friend, so it only seemed right to collaborate (and about time too)! See what you think of our tips by clicking right here and don’t forget to get in touch for anything else that you might want to hear about.

Oh and by the way, there’s another vid coming from Sian and myself to my own YouTube channel on Monday with something a little bit different so watch out for that 😉

Have a good one, guys xx

Something you Didn’t Know About Avocados…

Avocados have to be the go-to health food of the last couple of years. They’re high in potassium, fibre, antioxidants and healthy fats. They protect our eyes, lower cholesterol levels and can even can help to fight cancer. Pretty amazing right?! But when it comes to eating them, you have to be quick or else, similar to bananas, they’ll be turning that yucky brown colour that’s not quite so appealing!

I stumbled across this interesting video of how to banish the brown and keep your avo fresh for longer!

With BBQ season on the way, who doesn’t love a good guacamole dip! Give these cheeky little tips a try for guac that can be prepared the night before and will last until you actually want to eat it- one less stress for the day! Or (like myself) why not prepare a batch at the weekend and have a stash of guac for the week ahead… Yum! xx

Don’t Fight The Temptation- Join It!

Dieting. A word that I don’t agree with. I believe that healthy living should all be about balance. Extreme or yo-yo diets may have short-term effects but lifestyle is all about the long-term. To achieve the body and fitness levels that you desire, it’s all about balance and recent studies agree.

If you can’t quite keep away from the good stuff (well, the not-so-good-stuff), then you might not have to. It’s been revealed that eating a smaller amount of junk food alongside a healthier snack will make you just as satisfied as eating a full portion of unhealthy food. Switch your chips for salad, pair that cookie with fruit or have a handful of crisps with carrot sticks. You really can have the best of both worlds! xx


Why breakfast really is the most important meal of the day…

Breakfast- the most important meal of the day. But why is it so important to make sure that you eat up in the AM?

Break the Fast. It’s in the name. After hours of sleep (we hope), your body needs a proper meal to help it perform at it’s best. This is the first meal of the day that will effect your consumption for the rest of it. Starting the day with a well-balanced breakfast will not only kick start your metabolism, meaning burning more calories, but it can also influence your food choices for the rest of the day, encouraging healthier eating.

Weight Controller. Eating calories towards the beginning of the day is much better than towards the end. Eating a big breakfast and smaller dinner is much better than the other way round- or than no breakfast at all! Our bodies use the energy from food to function, meaning that we’re burning off breakfast just by doing daily activities. A smaller dinner means less calories sitting in your belly whilst you sleep!

Energise. Breakfast = energy. Simple.

Brain Power.  Not only does your physical performance benefit from eating breakfast, so does your brain! We’re able to function and concentrate much more after a good old morning meal. You may just find that breakfast can give you the power to smash through that meeting, exam or interview- a good day all round!

Next time you’re planning on skipping brekkie, think again. This is a meal that can benefit you in more than one way and may just turn your day from good to fabulous. Want to have a productive day? Pass the menu, please! xx


Greek Breakfast

Good Morning Tigers, 

The weekend is finally here and today I’m sending greetings all the way from Cyprus. I’m starting my day in the usual healthy way and in true Cypriot style. You can too- no matter what your destination! 

Here’s an easy and fulfilling breakfast that will get you through the morning- Greek Yoghurt. 

Greek Yoghurt is super light, so great for a bloat-free, feel-good start to the day. It’s also loaded with both calcium and protein (nearly twice as much as your standard yoghurt), so will keep you fuller for longer! I recommend to top with your favourite fruit, pumpkin seeds and/or a little squeeze of honey to fully satisfy your taste buds. 

Not quite enough? I know that there are some strapping lads who follow Tigeress and some serious fitness ladies (or simply lovers of food like myself) who may not be fullfilled by fruit and yoghurt alone. Try adding a boiled egg or two- on the side of course- for the ultimate protein breakfast. 

A great way to begin any healthy day. Happy Saturday! xx