Don’t Fight The Temptation- Join It!

Dieting. A word that I don’t agree with. I believe that healthy living should all be about balance. Extreme or yo-yo diets may have short-term effects but lifestyle is all about the long-term. To achieve the body and fitness levels that you desire, it’s all about balance and recent studies agree.

If you can’t quite keep away from the good stuff (well, the not-so-good-stuff), then you might not have to. It’s been revealed that eating a smaller amount of junk food alongside a healthier snack will make you just as satisfied as eating a full portion of unhealthy food. Switch your chips for salad, pair that cookie with fruit or have a handful of crisps with carrot sticks. You really can have the best of both worlds! xx


Yummy Snack Alert: Peanut Butter On Apple!

Snacking is a major part of leading a healthy lifestyle. It’s important in order to keep your metabolism running (and hence burn more calories) and also to keep you energised throughout the day. However, when it comes down to what to snack on, it can be rather challenging.

Snacks all add up as part of your daily calorie, fat, salt, sugar intake, which means that what we eat between meals can really affect our overall diet. Personally, I find that when I’m bored I’ll head straight to the fridge- even if I’m not hungry! This can be super dangerous if the fridge is packed with not-so-healthy temptations. So I decided to set up the regular Tigeress Yummy Snack Alert- snacks that you can enjoy without feeling guilty!

Today’s Yummy Snack Alert, peanut butter on apple, is one of my faves. Delicious, one of your five a day and filling. This is definitely a winner. Simply slice your apple, spread your peanut butter and there you have it- fruity goodness with a kick of tummy-loving protein!

Peanut butter makes you feel fuller for longer, improves energy levels and is great for your bowel, while the natural sugars in apples are great for a healthy sugar boost. This is also a particularly good one if you’re trying to reduce carbs. Give it a try and see what you think. Enjoy! xx

apple peanut butter sandwich
Image Courtsey of Gallery Hip x

Let’s Get Nakd!

Here’s another Yummy Snack Alert! Healthy bars made from 100% natural ingredients and that have absolutely nothing nasty added. Nakd bars are wheat, dairy and gluten free and what’s more, some of then even count towards one of your five a day!

Choose from a variety of flavours including Cocoa Orange, Berry Delight and Cashew Cookie. Although high in sugar content, this is from fructose (the good type) and will provide a more sustained release of energy. This is a great grab for a midday snack, post or pre gym energy boost or even a lunchtime accompaniment. Priced at around 75p per bar, you can pick them up from most supermarkets. xx


Yummy Snack Alert: Frozen Mango

I really wanted to save this one for closer to summer but I just couldn’t resist! If you’re a fan of mango I promise you that you won’t be let down by this little treat- frozen mango chunks! My new favourite thing to eat.

Mangos have a variety of health benefits. They include Vitamin A, which works wonders for your skin and hair, have lots of fibre and potassium- great for your heart- and even help to alkalise your body. They also aid digestion and weight loss and boost your immune system.

Mango Spinach Green Smoothie |

Not only are these tasty little treats good for you, they’ll help to zap any sugary cravings, making the perfect snack. Frozen mango tastes just like you’re eating an ice lolly, meaning no more trips to the corner shop to stock up on sweets and ice cream (well, perhaps we won’t rule this out entirely…). I buy mine from Sainsbury’s– two big bags for £4 or one for £2.20. Yes, please! But you can pick some up at most supermarkets or even freeze your own.

Bite size pieces of tropical heaven. No matter the weather, frozen mango is sure to brighten up your day and your taste buds. Enjoy! xx

Yummy Snack Alert: Popcorn!

I was about to complete my online food shop last night when I realised that I had absolutely nothing to snack on in my basket. To the snack section I headed only to be greeted by biscuits, crisps, cereal bars, sweets and chocolate. All very nice indeed, but not so healthy… It was then that I realised that finding healthy (and fulfilling) snacks is actually quite a challenge. I imagine that I’m not the only one who has encountered this problem before and unfortunately, it’s always that 3pm energy slump that has me reaching for the biscuit tin. Well, no more! Introducing a new regular Tigeress Lifestyle feature, Yummy Snack Alert- the best snacks to get you through the day… the healthy way!

The first Yummy Snack Alert has to be popcorn. Not just for the movies and actually quite a trend at the moment. Popcorn feels like a sweet treat, but is low in calories and has much less fat than tortilla chips. A light yet satisfying snack and a great alternative to crisps. Try Propercorn or Metcalfe’s Skinny Popcorn for a truly healthy selection of flavours including sweet and salted, chocolate, cheese, cinnamon, sour cream, coconut and vanilla, chilly and even wasabi!

Whilst you’re deciding which is your fave flavour, I’ll be scouting the next healthy snack that’s worth a mention! xx