The Best Places to Buy Cheap (But Great) Sportswear

Every high street retailer seems to have brought out a sportswear range now and most of them look pretty amazing. But if you’re actually wanting to wear your gymwear to the gym (or for any other sport for that matter) then it needs to be of good quality. That’s no constantly pulling up leggings, fading after the first wash or embarrassing rips mid-session! Here are my top three picks of the best low-budget activewear ranges with surprisingly good quality!


Known for their extremely low prices, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from Primark sportswear. Aesthetically, I was impressed; bright pops of colour alongside patterned leggings and plainer basics. With lots of variety and on-trend colours, they cover pretty much every visible need. The range also isn’t lacking in options with a huge selection of sports bras, leggings, tops and jackets. So far so good, but I was still sceptical about how they would perform once I had them on…

Primark, I apologise for ever doubting you. My leggings fit perfectly and I didn’t have to adjust them once throughout my entire day! The sports bra also fit well and looked amazing- although I don’t have too much to support up top, I felt secure and confident all day.

I bought the Navy Mesh Leggings at £8 and Padded Sports Bra with Mesh Back in coral and grey for £4 each.

Forever 21

My absolute all time fave. Lots of variety, amazing prices & new options throughout the season to keep you coming back for more (eeeek!). I recently bought the £13 Medium Impact Sports Bra and have my eye on the Active Cross-Back Jumpsuit for £23!


Stylish and affordable, you will be looking and feeling like fire in the new H&M activewear range. The colours, the shapes, the prices. Everything is on point. I have my eye on the £17.99 Medium Support Sports Bra.

Know any other great quality, low price sportswear ranges? I’d love to hear! x

Alexander Wang x H&M

“I live in gym clothes… When you go out on the street, it’s the uniform now,” were the recent words of Alexander Wang. I couldn’t agree more.

A man who shares the same enthusiasm towards activewear as myself collaborating with one of the high street’s favourite retailers (H&M), now that’s something to be excited about! We saw a glimpse of what’s soon to launch for both men and women across certain H&M stores in the Wang x H&M catwalk last week and I for one, was not let down. This is one seriously hot collaboration- sports inspired fashion at it’s best!

Launching on November 6th (perfect pay day timing) the range will be available in selected stores and online. Be quick because this won’t be hanging around for long. I predict lots of eBay Wang H&M searches will be stacked up that week! Prices vary from £24.99 crops and £29.99 shorts all the way through to more pricey, but completely worth it and still really affordable, £179.99 jackets and we see similar prices for the men too. With black as a key colour- always a winner- there’s going to be sports chic everywhere this winter.

I am absolutely in love with this collection and can’t wait to see plenty of men and women rocking this contemporary sports vibe! For the women, my best piece has to be the strappy crop and for the men, the ‘Choose Your Player’ tee (can I choose the guy wearing it please?) and black hooded jacket are my faves. The men’s range is amazing and even includes some super sleek boxing gloves!! You guys have to take some time to check it out…

Missed the show? Have a cheeky view below of what these two huge fashion names have created. I’ll be counting down the days until the 6th. See you in the queue! xx

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