Beauty and the Beast of Ideals

I was reading an article online, which addressed the issue of teenagers and what, as teens, we all may have done differently if only we’d have known what we know now. It discussed self-love, overcoming breakups and not conforming to what we’re told we’re supposed to look or act like. A great idea and a very helpful read for many I’m sure. Only there’s one thing that played on my mind. The same issues- lacking self-love, dealing with break ups terribly and aspiring to certain ideals- all still exist in the adult world. If we can dish out the advice to others, be that children, teenagers or peers, why can we not abide by it ourselves?

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Being You. 

Today I had an interesting conversation about fashion models and ‘what they should look like’. The conversation started with how tall, skinny girls grace our catwalks year on year- the vast majority being white. It then lead on to how the fashion industry is becoming more diverse and bigger, shorter, more colourful girls are entering fashion. How the industry is now more open to variety and that ‘commericial’ models are becoming increasingly popular and accepted. But all in all, how much the fashion world is still mostly discrimitive. Clone girls used simply as hangers to display product. 

The conversation then moved onto social media. How curvier girls are making their mark. Reaching insta fame through big booty pictures. Small waist, ginormous curves. Making a stand for shapelier girls. After all, “thick is the new skinny.” Somehow, I disagree. 

Who is anybody to say that fat is the new thin, that tall is the new small or that boobs are the new bum? You want to know what’s really sexy? 


No matter what your height, shape or clothing size, knowing how to be you and most of all how to love you, is the most attractive feature that anybody could ask for. I’m not denying that I won’t be sneaking a peak at how big Kim Kardashian’s butt is, or that I won’t be checking out Rocky Barnes NYFW figure. But all the time that I’m appreciating these beautiful women, I will- most of all- be appreciating myself. 

Tigeress Lifestyle isn’t here to tell you how to look. Nor is it here to tell you what you should eat or how you should exercise. Tigeress is here to help you to love yourself and to continue to do so for as long as you live. My opinion may not matter to some people and my advice may not be taken on by all, but I truly believe that healthy is beautiful and exists in more than one shape or form. The best way to love your life is to start by loving yourself. Be you, love you, and the idea of right or wrong image suddenly becomes insignificant, because why would you want to be anybody other than yourself? xx