Yummy Snack Alert: Frozen Mango

Every now and then I stumble across a new delicious yet healthy snack to add to the books. This snack may not be new for me but it’s one that I just keep coming back to again and again. It’s also absolutely perfect for the summer season!

Frozen mango. What a babe! Sweet, delicious and the fact that it’s frozen makes it even more satisfactory. It will smash your Haribo and ice cream cravings in one! 

All you need to do is chop up a mango (removing the skin of course) and freeze! Or you can buy pre-frozen mango at most supermarkets. Yum! 

So if you’ve got a sweet tooth that you find hard to keep under control, or even if you’re simply looking for a tasty summer snack, frozen mango may just be for you. x

Yummy Snack Alert: Frozen Mango

I really wanted to save this one for closer to summer but I just couldn’t resist! If you’re a fan of mango I promise you that you won’t be let down by this little treat- frozen mango chunks! My new favourite thing to eat.

Mangos have a variety of health benefits. They include Vitamin A, which works wonders for your skin and hair, have lots of fibre and potassium- great for your heart- and even help to alkalise your body. They also aid digestion and weight loss and boost your immune system.

Mango Spinach Green Smoothie | www.kitchenconfidante.com

Not only are these tasty little treats good for you, they’ll help to zap any sugary cravings, making the perfect snack. Frozen mango tastes just like you’re eating an ice lolly, meaning no more trips to the corner shop to stock up on sweets and ice cream (well, perhaps we won’t rule this out entirely…). I buy mine from Sainsbury’s– two big bags for £4 or one for £2.20. Yes, please! But you can pick some up at most supermarkets or even freeze your own.

Bite size pieces of tropical heaven. No matter the weather, frozen mango is sure to brighten up your day and your taste buds. Enjoy! xx

Roll Up, Roll Up… Mango Fruit Roll Up!

I literally just found this super healthy recipe that looks more than delicious and had to share it with you straight away! If you’re a fan of mango this is a definite winner, as that’s the only ingredient.

Remember Winders, those fruity sweets that had to be unravelled to be eaten and that seemed quite healthy but probably weren’t? Well, this is an actual good-for-you version of those. They’re really simple to make and are great snacks to keep you from indulging in sweets! I’m currently detoxing (nightmare, but I’m sure it will be worth it) and I’m allowed to eat mango so will be trying some of these yummy little snacks myself- woohooo!

See the full video recipe here! Enjoy! xx

Diced-Mango Fruit-Roll-Ups Mango-Fruit-Rollups