Total Body Phat Burn at Ministry of Sound


Clubbing and exercise. Not two words that usually go hand in hand. Sure, dancing is exercise but the alcohol and lack of sleep tends to make it not so healthy. Well, Ministry of Sound have broken that barrier, providing 8 intense fitness classes in the middle of what is generally known as one of London’s most famous partying spots. I grabbed a place at Total Body Phat Burn and (excuse the pun) definitely felt the burn. 

I’m not going to lie and say that it felt perfectly normal turning up to a club at 6.15pm head-to-toe in sportswear. It didn’t. There wasn’t the usual queue of people or distant thud of music as I approached. Instead, there was an eager bunch of fitness enthusiasts ready to take to the…mats? 

In the middle of it all was instructor Dan Chapman introducing himself to every single person. A friendly face that would soon be putting us through our paces. After everybody had been passed a bottle of water- that we were about to discover would be much needed- we were ready to go.

The class consisted of multiple 45 second rounds with 15 second intervals before a slightly longer rest between sets. Firstly we focussed on arms and legs, including a lot of variations of the press up… much to my horror! I soon found, by the look on a lot of other faces, that there are more press up haters than I thought! We then moved onto abs and more legs before ending with a cool down. Dan kept us motivated the whole time. 

I’m not sure if it was the electrifying sound system, Dan’s fabulous instructing, my sheer determination or a combination of all three, but the class seemed to finish surprisingly quickly. I was impressed at how it catered to all abilities, as you were able to work to your own pace and how 45 seconds seemed to be the perfect length to push your body without having to stop. 

Treated to smoothies and fruit and nut bars after the workout, this had to be my healthiest trip to Ministry ever, which admittedly may not be that impressive. But as the most energetic I’ve ever been on the dance floor that definitely takes some beating!


Thank you to W Model Management for the ticket down! xx

Power of the Body with Roger Frampton

Let’s play a game. I’ll say a string of words, you say what you associate them with. Let’s go…

Headstands, handstands and roly-polies.

Now let me guess, all of the things that you came up with were related to childhood? Either that or the circus! However, if you’d have attended the same class that I did on Saturday then you may have answered slightly differently. That’s right, there’s a new craze about to hit the fitness scene. It’s known as Power of the Body and is led by model, corrective exercise and movement coach (not, I repeat, not fitness trainer), Roger Frampton.

On my first visit to one of Roger’s classes, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. Pre-class I headed over to his Instagram full of videos of impressive body lifts and crazy positions, which surely I wouldn’t have to perform… right?! Think again. We spent the whole class learning how to hold our body weight in the crow position- that’s hands on the floor, knees on elbows and feet off of the ground for anybody that doesn’t know- before falling forward into a roly-poly. Something that I have no doubt the 5 year olds of today can do with ease, I was horrified to find ridiculously hard. Although after much stumbling, squealing and ungraceful flailing, by the end of #TheFramptonMethod session I was roly-poly queen!

I came away from the first class quite baffled, surprisingly intrigued and with a hunger to learn more.  Good job Roger invited me down to attend a second class. This time, my crow-pro boyfriend had an invite too… We’re usually quite competitive, but I decided to shy away from any challenges. Who knew what would be in store!

Saturday came around quickly and we turned up eager and ready to roll, only to discover that we would be advancing to headstands, using roly-polies as a warm up! Surprised at how I fell perfectly into a roll and straight up into squat position (woo!) maybe it was time to compete after all. Or perhaps not.

Health blogger and model Rebecca Pearson, demonstrated a shockingly good headstand to which we all then had a go. Unfortunately, mine wasn’t quite as picture perfect (see the dreadful video below). It’s amazing to see what we could do so easily as a child, we are now physically and mentally unable to do with ease. My muscles felt tense, weak, yet not quite ready to quit. Roger focuses on regenerating the body into the form we once all had, using body-weight training consisting of controlled slow movements to get you there. We spent the hour and a half handstanding, squatting, holding painful positions and falling over, but once again, I left feeling fab!  

What’s great about Roger’s class is that it hosts a variety of abilities and everybody seems to be good at different parts. You learn how to overcome pain, you’re supposed to fall over and it takes you back to childhood. Oh, and it’s actually really good for your body! All-in-all, it’s a damn good laugh and you feel a great sense of achievement. You can even take your new knowledge home with you to practice as you wish. Although I do kind of feel like my living room has turned into a gymnasium, as my twenty two year old boyfriend tries to master the headstand…

Book a class right here and see results for youself! x

Motivation Mondays

Happy Easter Monday! I’m sure by now you’ve all eaten way too many holiday goodies, but are probably going to continue cramming down those chocolate eggs for the remainder of the day and why the hell not? We all deserve a treat and if we can’t indulge at Easter then when can we, ay!

Well, seeing as it’s the holidays and we’re all going to be feeling a little sickly tomorrow, I’ve decided to swap this week’s motivational quote for a motivational workout that will get that chocolate heading straight to your bum… Yum!

This is my brand new 3 Minute Booty Blast– an intense no equipment workout that takes only 3 minutes. If you want to get your bum in shape (quite literally) then click right here.

Have a fab Easter guys and an even better week ahead- make the most of it! xx