Feeling Insecure? I’ve Got You!

Insecurities are something that creep up on all of us at some point in life. Chances are, there will always be something that we would want to be different. We all get a little down every now and again or wish that we could change that thing about ourselves. Do you know what? It’s completely natural.  I’m sure you know the saying, ‘Nobody’s perfect.’ Well, it’s kind of true. Each and every single person is unique and even though there may be somebody that you look up to- that person who radiates confidence, a role model or someone who encapsulates your idea of perfection- it’s likely, if not certain, that they have their own insecurities too.

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Tigeress Lifestyle Mission Statement

It might not be the new year yet, or even a new week, but it’s definitely the right time for me to start setting some new goals. Sometimes we all need to take a step back, see the greater picture and pick out what we actually want to achieve. So here’s my goal, which has been the mission statement of Tigeress Lifestyle all along, it’s just only now that I can clearly see it.

“I will inspire women (and men) across the world to not only take care of their bodies and to enjoy doing so, but to love themselves without aspiring or conforming to social ‘ideals’.” 

Kirby Anne Akindeinde- Founder of Tigeress Lifestyle

What will you choose to do?

NEW! Fat Burning Workout by Kirby Anne

For anybody looking to loose weight and/or increase their fitness, I’ve designed a workout just for you! Created to build up a sweat, get your heart pumping and most of all burn fat, this is my ultimate Fat Burning Workout and it launched on YouTube today.

See what’s in store in the short clip below or head over to YouTube- Kirby Akindeinde for the full routine.

P.S. It’s another no equipment workout that you can take with you anywhere and everywhere, so there are absolutely no excuses! 😉


Motivational Mondays (Quote of the Week)

It’s the start of a new month and we’re edging slightly closer towards spring (yipppee!), which means that brighter, lighter days are ahead. If you ask me, this is the perfect time to kick your butt into action. Stop saying, start doing. You might just be surprised by how much you can achieve by summer and let’s face it…

Unless you throw yourself into a situation, you will never know what could be.

My throwing started just before Christmas. I bit the bullet and quit my secure head office job with one of the industry’s biggest retailers to pursue my blogging and modelling career full time. A mighty risk and I’m still getting there, but do I have any regrets? No. I’m not saying it has been or will be a smooth ride, but it’s what I want from life and I think it’s worth the risk. As today’s quote suggests, you will never know if it will work out unless you give it a good try. That’s exactly what I’m doing and what you are able to do too!

It might not be as extreme as quitting your job but if it gets you achieving and is something that you may regret it if not, then why not give it a go! This week is all about doing, so start putting those dreams into motion. What are you waiting for? xx

Motivational Mondays (Quote of the Week)

It’s the start of a new week and each day really is what you make of it. There’s going to be ups and there’s going to be downs, but your attitude will define how each moment plays out. This week’s quote is all about making the most of life even when the downs hit you hard. It’s about not letting the negatives prevent then positives and about seeing the light in every situation. It reads…

Don’t wait for the storm to pass, learn to dance in the rain.

It’s not always easy, but I assure you that it’s worth it. So next time the clouds roll in, get out your dancing shoes and show the world your moves. xx

Motivational Quote of the Week

Know Your Worth

There it is- today’s quote of the week. This one I find particularly empowering; a quote of true self-respect and integrity.

Whether it’s in love, the workplace, with friends or self-inflicted, ensure that you’re not settling for less than you deserve- or putting up with more than you should. Abide by this forever and always and you might just find yourself climbing that ladder much more quickly than expected. 

It’s important to love others but it’s also important to love yourself, be yourself and most of all, know your worth

Motivational Quote of the Week

Happy Monday, guys! Yes, it’s Monday again and it’s time for the second post of our new feature ‘Motivational Quote of the Week’. This week’s quote, especially with today’s head-in-phone culture, is one of my favourites and I actually have it engraved on the front of my diary. It reads…

Wherever you are, be all there.

In essence, it’s to remind us to be fully present wherever we are, so that we can live and witness every moment. What’s the point in meeting a friend for dinner, only to sit and scroll through your phone? Or how about that business meeting- let your mind float elsewhere and you might just miss that vital moment that’s going to take your career to new heights. Engulfed in Instagram at the bar on Friday, only to miss the man of your dreams pass by… you get the picture. By being all there, you can make the most of every moment. You can give you at every opportunity. Besides, life is better when you’re actually present.

So, it’s the start of a new week and it’s completely up to you what you do with it, but whatever you do and wherever you find yourself, just remember… be all there. xx