Baby It’s Cold Outside

It’s freezing! Quite literally. But that’s no excuse to slack on the exercise. Make sure you stay active even in this chilly weather by wrapping up warm for your outdoor winter workouts! Here are my top winter finds to keep you warm this winter, so not even the cold can beat you! xx

Ladies first…

H&M Padded Fleece Jacket £29.99

hmprod (1) hmprod (2)

Jack Wills Cloverdale Headband £12


Forever 21 Active Athletic Pullover £22


And in Stripe (also £22)


The North Face Chizzler Headband £20

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Adidas Climawarm Cable Knit Mittens £11.40


M66527_01_standard M66528_01_standard

H&M Padded Bodywarmer £24.99

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Your turn guys…

Adidas Logo Pom Pom Padded Beanie £10.80


O’Neill Everyday Soft Shell Gloves £29.99


Nike TF Windrunner in Grey £72

image1xxl (2)

And in Burgundy

image1xxl (3)

Adidas Football Neckwarmer £16


Puma Hooded Down Gilet £63

download download (1)

Under Armour Coldgear Compression Long Sleeve Tops £40

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Nike AW14 Tech Pack Collection

Today’s culture demands sportswear to not only be functional but to also be aesthetically pleasing. The need for sports clothing to look attractive as well as serve it’s purpose has not only risen but has in fact, become a must. Gone are the days where an old tee and faded sweatpants would cut it for the gym. This is a new generation of sport consumers who want to look, as well as feel good when they work out!

Nike are always ahead of the game and have hit the nail on the head with their Tech Pack collection. Introduced in 2007, the collection allows athletes to step out in style without having to compromise on clothing functionality. Sported by well-known faces from across the world including Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams, Kevin Prince Boateng, Perri Shakes Drayton and Jon Jones, the range is clearly fit for the best. Designed with special fabric to allow superior breathability and insulation as well as allowing maximum movement and looking rather professional, this is definitely worth investing in.

Additional items have been added to the Tech Pack for AW14, such as the Nike Tech Butterfly for women and the Nike Tech Windrunner IRD for men.

The gent’s windrunner has a simple design and in this case, less really is more. Guys, wanting to catch the eye of that cute girl that you see on your morning runs? Well I would definitely recommend that you add this to your winter wardrobe- black being my personal fave!

Nike sent me a surprise package containing the grey Butterfly to try out (yipeeee!) and I was more than impressed. This jacket is super duper lightweight, yet also really warm and it’s so so comfortable- the perfect encouragement for a winter morning run! It fits great and is surprisingly soft with thumb hole features that mean no irritating sleeve movement when playing sport or training. Available in multiple colours from black to purple haze, there’s one to suit everyone. Deep pockets let your hands keep warm during rest time and the interesting crossover back is clearly where it adopted it’s name!

In fact, I love my jacket so much that after wearing it in London I just had to take it with me to New York! The Tech Butterfly will be my sports staple throughout Autumn and deep into Winter this year. Take a peak at the travels of my jacket so far… I wonder where it will visit next! xx

Photographs by the cities’ finest; all London images by Oliver Cargill, all New York images by Dave Krugman.

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London Meets New York: Dave Krugman

I’ve been thinking for a while now on how I should write this post. I keep stopping and starting, deleting and re-writing and finally I have come to the conclusion that I’ll keep it simple. I left London to visit New York last week, fell in love with the city and met some pretty incredible people including American photographer Dave Krugman.

We shot around the busy (and quiet) streets of Manhattan, which is where my falling in love with New York took place and then headed to Brooklyn for a rooftop sunset shoot. This is the point where I was simply lost for words and quite frankly, I still am. I said that I’d keep it simple, so will stay true to my word and let the photographs do the talking…

tumblr_ncn175Qeo81qi3wodo10_r1_1280 tumblr_ncn175Qeo81qi3wodo9_1280 DSC_7872DSC_7869tumblr_ncn175Qeo81qi3wodo2_1280 tumblr_ncn175Qeo81qi3wodo7_1280tumblr_ncn175Qeo81qi3wodo1_1280tumblr_ncn175Qeo81qi3wodo6_1280tumblr_ncn175Qeo81qi3wodo4_1280

Dave is an amazing photographer and was an absolute pleasure to work with- we will most definitely be shooting again! Check out more of his work here or on Instagram: @dave.krugman. xx


Nike NFL Week

The US are soon to be taking over the UK sporting game, as NFL hits London and it’s no surprise that Nike are getting involved. They’ve entered a partnership with the NFL for the first time, meaning that all NFL product is now Nike. This included redesigning all jerseys, as well as improving performance factors through changes in fabric composition to encourage better clothing form. I popped into Oxford Street’s Nike Town store today to see what all the fuss was about and damn, they’re looking good.

The entire ground floor of London’s flagship is dedicated to the arrival of the American sport to London. With life sized mannequins lined upon an AstroTurf platform and all Nike staff wearing official NFL merchandise (and throwing footballs around the store), it’s definitely worth a visit.

The jerseys are available for both men and women for a number of different NFL teams. There’s even additional items to the collection, including a very nice reversible bomber for the guys and lightweight jackets for the ladies.

Find some of the men’s collection below:

pwp_sheet (2) pwp_sheet pwp_sheet (3) pwp_sheet (1) pwp_sheet (5) pwp_sheet (4)pwp_sheet (6)

And for women…


The NFL games have been an annual event for the past 8 years held at the home to English football, Wembley. Six teams will play in the UK this year with the Raiders and Dolphins kicking off the games this Sunday September 28th 2014. I wouldn’t mind bagging myself a sneaky ticket next year, even if it is just to have a peak at those oh so strong American men! Keep up-to-date with all the scores at Enjoy xx


Nike Women’s Air Force 1 Iridescent Pearl Collection

I’ve never been a massive fan of Nike AF1’s but there’s something about the new Iridescent Pearl collection that have me swooning. Taking inspiration from the elegance of raw pearls, these are a pair of trainers that will be drawing some attention. Street meets luxury? That’s something I like the sound of. I’m already imagining myself in my all black outfit with these as a statement piece!

Not too much longer to wait; these beauties drop online at 8am on September 12th 2014. There’s a limit of one pair per customer so if you want to bag yourself a pair you’ll have to be quick, as it sounds like they’re in high demand! Quite frankly, I’m not surprised. These are the nicest AF1’s that I’ve ever seen and I’m already intrigued to see what Nike have up their sleeves for the AF1 next!

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A fan of the Sky Hi’s? You’ll be happy to know what the Lunar Force 1 Sky Hi’s have had some pearly inspiration too! 

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