Tom Joy Fitness Photography

I have had the busiest week ever- multiple training sessions to teach fitness classes, revision (for the next level of my PT course), workouts, prep for my assessment day, the assessment day, a New Balance blogging event (that I’ll be posting about soon), castings, more revision, dinner dates, oh and did I mention revision? It’s been quite a week and there’s still no rest today! I’ve just made the most delicious Pink Berry Porridge to fuel me up for the day ahead and I’m now about to head out for a shoot. There’s no rest for the wicked and it’s about to get busier.

Tomorrow, I’ll be kicking off the week by shooting with a Leeds & London-based photographer named Tom Joy. I can’t say that I’ve met Tom before, but I am sure a fan of his work!  We’ll be getting sporty (yay!) so I thought that I’d share some of his existing fitness work with you guys. Click here to have a little gander.

Whatever lies ahead for you this week, Sunday can be the perfect time to plan and prepare. I’ll be grabbing my notebook and diary later and making a to-do list to ensure that I have the most productive week yet. Happy Sunday, everyone! x

Men with Style: Thai Matic

Working in menswear, men’s style it’s something that I’m super passionate about. I understand that sometimes male fashion needs more appreciation than it’s given and know that many men would like a little more guidance than what’s actually available. I’ve been wanting to involve guys in Tigeress Lifestyle for a little while now, but never really knew where to start so I’ve decided that I’m going to start posting regular sports, fashion and health features for my male followers, that we can all enjoy this page together.

My first feature’s called ‘Men with Style’ and will showcase different guys who I personally think wear clothes well. Who to feature in my first post was easy. If there’s any man that I know with a great wardrobe, it’s this one. I’d like to introduce you all to the very lovely, talented and stylish London-based music artist and photographer, Thai Matic. A man whose creativity is reflected through his personal style.

I met Thai earlier this year when working with him on my first ever film shoot and it wasn’t long before I noticed this his attention to detail and eye for styling was much greater than other photographers that I’d previously worked with. I’m a massive fan of the whole street/sportswear vibe, so was beyond excited when out of his bag came limited edition Supreme and vintage Levis for me to wear! All his own of course, which I unfortunately had to give back… But it was then that I knew that this man had style.

Men in street or sportswear are great, but it does make all of the difference in how it’s being worn- something that Thai has mastered. Effortlessly mixing street with basics, causal with statement or sports with smart (as seen below), he’s managed to create his own unique fashion identity.

I asked Thai to send me an outfit of his choice and I won’t lie, what he sent surprised me. I’m not used to seeing this man so… smart. His usual vibe involves jeans or a statement jacket. But what Thai sent was perfect. An unexpected mix of smart and casual.

Thai’s made his matching Zara suit and white shirt instantly more eye-catching (and relaxed) by pairing with a bright Supreme number and pure white trainers. This daring combo is great for any guy wanting to make a statement at those winter events in the city…
unnamed (1) unnamed

So men, if you’re wanting to smarten up for the busy festive period ahead whilst still rocking the whole street/sportswear trend, try taking some inspo from my man of the month. You won’t regret it.

Find more from Thai on Instagram by clicking here. xx