Are You Beach Body Ready?

There has been much debate over the necessity of this widely viewed advertisement from Protein World. ‘Are You Beach Body Ready?’ the ad reads, accompanied by what I can only describe as a blonde, well-gifted, bronzed babe standing proudly for all to see. Women have taken to the streets to protest against the use of the female figure featured in the campaign. Defacing the advertisements, donning bikinis of what people should really look like and basically, causing a lot of negative noise.


Cosmetic giants Dove have even jumped on board with a light-hearted, yet statement response. Whilst Carol Mcgriffin at the Mirror (click here to read) argues otherwise, stating that women need to ‘man up’.


It seems that the ad has caused quite a stir with many still unhappy of this ‘perfect’ portrayal, arguing that ‘real’ women should be used. But at the end of the day, what really is a real woman?

The consensus here at Tigeress is that this women has one hell of a figure that she’s clearly worked hard to achieve and that she should be proud of. Just as any woman should be proud of HER own body. Fair enough, there may have been some Photoshopping going on- maybe there has, maybe there hasn’t- but who cares?! I bet that this girl looks great in person and is healthy.

Come on ladies, stop the hating. Women should unite not degrade each other, because after all, that’s where the real power lies. If you ask us, a real woman is whatever the hell she wants to be!

Let us know your thoughts on this controversial ad, we’d love to hear!

And in the meantime…