Equinox Summer Sunrise Yoga at Ham Yard Hotel

Calling all early birds and/or yoga lovers, there’s a new yoga class that’s just arrived in London that I think you may like! Similar to it’s location, it’s one of those secret classes that if you know about it you know about it and if you don’t, well, you don’t. I guess it’s a good job that I’m here to fill you in on all of the details…

Held at the top of Soho’s hidden gem, Ham Yard Hotel, it’s the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of London and finally let your mind relax. Exactly what you’d want from a yoga class, no? The tranquil rooftop garden, scattered with hanging lanterns and greenery, takes you away to dreamier destinations- the weather even managed to hold out for us too (although there is a canopy just in case)!

Starting at 7am it is an early one, yet I think that adds to the experience. A nice way to wake your body up and a peaceful start to the day. The class, brought to us by Equinox and led by the lovely Kathryn Fielding, lasts for an hour and suits a variety of levels. I’m no yoga pro but was able to stay at my own pace whilst more advanced participants carried out more difficult moves.

Running for the next five Wednesdays (29th June-27th July) it’s a 7am meet for a 7.15am start. You’re out by 8.15am and even get a freshly pressed juice on exit. If it sounds like something you might fancy then you can get your tickets right here for £20. X

ADAY & Rooftop Yoga

My favourite fitness girls are back in London and they’ve brought some exciting news to the sports-fashion scene- the launch of their brand new sportswear range, ADAY.

To celebrate the launch of ADAY, I was invited down to their East London rooftop yoga event. An evening packed with yoga, amazing views, coconuts and healthy treats, shared with a variety of ladies from the London fitness community including my beautiful fellow blogger friend, Amber.


We started the night with yoga (on the rooftop, of course) held by professional yoga-ess and Cali-turned-New Yorker, Lauren Imparato of iamyoustudio.com. I’m no pro, but I think I can speak for all of the girls when I say that it was one mean yoga class- and I mean that in a good way, of course! Lauren definitely knows her stuff. In fact, she’s previously led yoga at Escape for Good , a three day long event in honour of Muhammad Ali’s seventieth birthday and has been ranked one of the best yoga instructors in New York. We were lucky enough to bag her for her first ever (!!) yoga class in London! The class was fast-paced and challenging, yet everyone, no matter what their yoga ability, managed to have a giggle and I somehow left the session feeling revitalised and relaxed.
After working up a sweat it was time for some well-deserved treats. We sipped coconut juice from the shell- provided by coco-king, Cocofaceuk– and snacked on pine nut salad, vegetable crisps,  beetroot shots and maybe a little wine…
The event was definitely a huge success and ADAY is available online now. It’s looking great- minimal yet differentiated through the use of shape and quality. I even managed to sneak some time in one of the vests for a few cheeky snaps!
Take a look for yourself right here and watch out for the ADAY girls in LA and New York this summer. xx

P.S. Unfortunately I usually dislike coconut juice, but the cocofaceuk was delicious- so if you’re not usually a fan, I definitely recommend a try!