Healthy Alcoholic Cocktails

Alcohol and health aren’t usually two words that sit well together. However, I’m all about balance and don’t think that we should miss out too much in order to be healthy! So, I took to the kitchen and designed these healthy cocktails (or as healthy as cocktails get) that are low in calories and are even packed with one of your five a day!

For the full recipe, step by step instructions (it’s really not that difficult) and my kitchen mishaps click right here. They’re delicious, refreshing and perfect for BBQ season! I hear this weekend is going to be a scorcher so why not give them a try! x


Yummy Low Calorie Cocktails

The one thing that I find difficult about healthy living is giving up my all time favourite fruity pleasure… cocktails! For dieters and health conscious individuals, avoiding liquid calories can be the worst. But luckily there’s no need to give up the alcohol for good. I’ve found the best low-calorie cocktails that won’t have you feeling quite so guilty next time you head to the bar!

Skinny Mojito

Although mojitos may look super healthy, do not be fooled. They’re full of sugar, which means lots of empty calories- booo! However, it’s easier than you think that make this classic cocktail much healthier. Mint, lime and soda water are all naturally low cal and a shot of rum is around 100. Simply ask for half the amount of syrup (usually 2 tablespoons instead of 4) or for none at all and this will still be one deliciously refreshing drink!

Sea Breeze

Sometimes cocktails are better for you than a standard spirit and mixer! Take the sea breeze for example, which combines 4oz. of grapefruit juice, 1 1/2 oz. of cranberry juice and 1oz. of vodka. Around 180 calories less than a standard vodka-cranberry!


Tranquil Tequila

Say adiós to the usual margarita with this 100 calorie replacement! Simply mix tequila with soda water and a squeeze of lime. 100 cals of pure delight!


I know what you’re thinking, ‘She’s joking. She’s secretly trying to make us all fat whilst keeping all of the real tips to herself. Knocking off the competition.’ Well, I kid you not. This delightfully tasty drink may look like it’s stacked with more calories than a slab of chocolate fudge cake, but in reality it’s only actually around 185 cals! Creamy coffee indulgence without the guilt!

Gin and Tonic

Not quite classed as a cocktail, but I had to sneak this one in. A go-to drink that holds only 103 calories. Mix 1 oz. gin with 3 oz. tonic for a low cal beverage that you’ll be sure to find anywhere.


Light and Stormy

Not quite as fun (or dangerous) as a dark and stormy, but a nice healthier alternative! Using a short glass with ice, pour 1 shot of light rum and 2 shots of ginger ale. The perfect drink for you ginger ale fiends.

Here’s a great low-calorie mocktail for those of you who don’t drink alcohol. At 34 calories, yes 34, this one’s worth a try!

American Virgin

Combine 1 shot of peach juice with 1 shot of soda with a splash of orange juice and the same amount of lemonade. Add some ice and shake away. Peachy goodness at it’s best. (Thank Skinnygirl founder Bethenny Frankel for this one)!

Now you’re all set for your next night out! However, it might be not be the best idea to drink them all at once… Happy Cocktailing! x