Work That Booty!

I love my bum! I never really thought that I’d be writing that sentence, but it’s true. I love my bum and I love finding new ways to keep it in shape (and make it shapelier)! There’s so many bum-firming, toning, enlarging information floating around the net that it’s sometimes a little overwhelming. So I’ve decided to narrow it down and share my favourite and most effective tips to get that butt in shape!

1. Jumping Squats. Ok, so squats are probably the most obvious and popular way to tone up your tush, but why not mix it up. There are lot’s of variations of squats that are just as, if not more effective than the standard squat. Jumping squats will really get you feeling the burn and are super simple. Stand as you would a normal squat- stand tall, head up, chest out with a slight arch in your lower back, feet shoulder width apart- and squat down as you normally would, as if you’re going to sit on a seat behind you (not straight down). Now, instead of simply standing back tall, jump up and land straight back into the squat. You can either do these on the spot, or alternatively, if you’re training in an open space then jump forward and see how far you can jump. I always like to have a little competition with myself to see how far forward I can leap, but as always it’s best to get the technique right first. You should see yourself improving jump height and distance the more that you practice.

2. Hill Squats. Time to step it up a level? This is one that will really, really work you out!! Exactly the same as the jumping forward squat but… yup, you guessed it… up a hill! Start at the bottom and jump for 10-20 squats up the hill. Repeat 3 times for the ultimate workout. Make sure to choose a decent gradient hill that will get your legs working- and ideally not a slippery one! I don’t want to be encouraging any injuries!

3. Sprints. To be honest, this has to be my number one butt-shaping exercise. Get down to your local park or track if possible and once you’ve warmed up with a jog and moving stretches (butt-kicks, high knees, crossovers), you’re ready to get your Bolt on! Set out around 30 meters. You can use cones, a bag, lamp posts… anything that you can use to roughly mark the spot. Sprint from the beginning to the end before letting yourself slow into a jog. Turn around, giving yourself 30-60 seconds depending on your fitness and then sprint back to the start. Repeat this three times (so six 30 meter runs), rest for 5 minutes and repeat the whole set again.

P.S. When I say sprint, this means as fast as you can!!

4. Hill Sprints. Time to step it up again. Sprinting, but up a hill. Get to the top as quickly as possible, walk to the bottom as a breather and then time to get back to the top! The number of sets will depend on how long and steep the hill is, but don’t be lazy- this one can be really effective if you work hard enough.

5. Lunges. If you can get yourself into a gym then definitely use weights with this one! Whether you choose to use dumbbells or a bar,  the extra weight will make a huge difference! In the park go for jumping lunges. Very similar to the jumping squat but make sure to alternate legs as you jump.

6. Stepper. If you’re going to invest in any home workout equipment then it should be a stepper. They are great for working your legs, bum and other body parts! You can use your stepper to lunge, squat, jump or simply step your way to a toned bum!

7. Moisturise. Sooo this one might not be making your bum any bigger (unless you have an allergic reaction!!) but it will make it softer, smoother and help your skin to keep its elasticity through all that exercise, meaning no saggy bums in the future- yippee!

They’re my top bum toning tips. So whether you love or hate your bum, try these little recommendations and see if you see any effects! 🙂 xx