Happy Sunday from Tigeress Lifestyle

Happy Sunday, everybody!

The festive season is upon us, meaning that everybody’s schedules are pretty damn hectic. Mine included. I haven’t been as active on Tigeress for a while and I can do nothing but apologise. Since I’ve been away, I’ve quit my job, signed to a new agency and worked on some amazing projects, all whilst trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle without stuffing my face with too many mince pies. All of this means that I am able to concentrate on providing each on of you little tigers with lots of fitness, health and motivational goodies and can work on even more projects to bring your way.  Yippeee!

Watch out for my first project going live TODAY! A hyperlapse video from a talented photographer and a very familiar brand…

I’m going to head off and get that post together, make some Christmas cards, have a cheeky little workout  and then settle down for a Sunday roast in front of our newly decorated Christmas tree. I hope to see you all later, but in the meantime what will you be doing with your Sunday? xx

Tigeress Update

Dear Tigeressees, 

It’s been a little while since any newness hit Tigeress Lifestyle and it’s all my fault! But we’re not ones to laze around here at Tigeress… I’ve been a super busy bee spending time working with my fave menswear ASOS team, hunting for a new place to live in London (which is much much more difficult than you could imagine) and most importantly, creating lots of fun content for the site! The most exciting being my collaboration New Balance, which the first edit will be launching right here tomorrow AM! 

Keep your eye on your inbox for that New Balance x Tigeress alert to see the latest sportswear that could be lining your wardrobes! 

See you tomorrow! xx

Nostalgic Nomad X Tigeress Lifestyle Part One

Tigeress Lifestyle has joined up with the amazingly talented Ntando Brown of NostalgicNomad.com to bring you fringing, leather, shadows and a secret London location. Here’s part one…


“That space between half sleep and half awake has always been occupied by my unfaltering nostalgia…

…a Nomad I will remain, in love with and cradled by the unknown.”


Find more from Ntando Brown online or make contact right here…



When You Realise It’s Time To Be You. 

Over the past few weeks I’ve been feeling quite down, impatient. A feeling of inadequacy- almost as though I’m underachieving in life. So much so that it’s been reflecting on my usually oh-so positive, nothing-can-bring-me-down attitude. I’ve found myself in foul moods, snapping at the smallest things and letting tiny niggles that I would usually ignore affect my actions. It’s been like this for a while and this week I finally decided that I’d had enough and that I needed to pinpoint exactly what has been causing this freak behaviour.

After much thought, I realised that I have very little reason to feel this way. I live in London, the capital city of England, which was always the vision. I have a head office career with international fashion company ASOS- a job that many would dream of. I have a growing and successful blog, amazing friends, a supportive, loving family, a babein’ boyfriend (not that this means that I need a man for any of you singletons) and importantly, I am in good- if not great- health. So, why all the gloom and doom?

For one, I’m ambitious. You’d think that this would be a good thing right? But not if your ambition is used in the wrong way. I know where I want to be and I want it now, but we live in the real world and for most of us, things just don’t happen that way. Goals, dreams and ambitions all take a lot of hard work and time to achieve. It’s come to my attention that of late, I’ve been way too impatient when it comes to where I want to be. I will be where I want to be eventually, I’ve just been clinging on to the hope that I can skip out the long sleepless nights, stress and time that turns dreams into reality.

But I do work hard. I work very hard in fact. Surely I should be at the top already?! Slow down, what’s the rush?… These things take time and quite frankly, I don’t own a time machine and if I did would I really want to use it anyway?! Probably not. Why wish my time away. We live in the present and if you’re too busy focusing on where you’re not, then you don’t appreciate where you are. Lesson number one: enjoy now, appreciate now, live now.

The second reason behind my lack of self-worth points directly to that thing that takes over most of our days. Social Media.

I won’t lie, I’m almost Instagram-obsessed. After all, it is an amazing way to market yourself, keep check on your favourite people to love, hate, secretly stalk and it’s fun. It’s also dangerous. I find myself longing after girls with perfect bodies, perfect careers and basically, perfect lives. It’s so unfair. If they can have it, why can’t I? The answer to that… I can. All I need to do collate the best moments from my life in picture form and post them for the world to see. Fair enough, Mimi Elashiry may have a bod to die for, Mahina Alexander might play in surf-ridden waves with her beautiful surfer boyfriend and Sahara Ray might bask in the LA sun for most of the week. But these girls are all real. They do have bad hair days, they do cry and have mood swings, they do have the occasional boring day where they have to look way back in their photo stream for that insta-worthy post (does #tbt spring to mind?).

I spoke to some of my friends on the matter and they admit that they do the same- envy the lives of social ‘icons’ that they don’t even know. The same friends that I look at as being successful, amazing people with lifestyles that should be celebrated, not questioned.  At the end of the day, everybody wants something that they don’t have.

The point that I’m trying to make is, that these Queens (and Kings) of the Web aren’t better than any of us and we definitely shouldn’t be comparing ourselves to their social media pages. We live in the real world and we all lead unique lives. Lesson number two: don’t compare. Be you and only you and if you still feel the need to compete, then compete with yourself.

So, after some long thought I’ve decided that it’s time to live in the moment, work hard and be appreciative. It’s time to ditch comparing myself to others and to stop lusting after social media lives. It’s time to concentrate on myself and not be afraid to have to wait for my hard work to pay off. I’ve decided that it’s time to be me.

If you’re still reading then congratulations for reaching the bottom of my essay to self-discovery. To all Tigeress followers, I hope that you can find you. But most importantly, I hope that you can be you. Enjoy! xx


Hello, Again!

Hello Tigers,

It’s been a while and I must apologise for my time away. The past few weeks have been super busy for me (a few days in Morocco with New Balance, lots and lots and lots of work at ASOS HQ, a trip to the tropical island of Cyprus and of course, a good few work outs in between)! But I am back and raring to fill your feeds with fitness, fashion and health goodness once again, in the usual Tigeress style.

For me, Cyprus involved ten days of amazing company, yummy food, beach runs, belly laughing until my eyes were watering and abs felt like I’d just hit the sit ups, more food, surf waves, jungle shoots, sun lounging and last but not least, a whole lot of cheeky cocktails. Oh, and did I mention food? Doing my favourite things with some of my favourite people- heaven!

Now I’m back in the crazy city of London and although I was beyond excited to catch up with all of my UK friends, the fact was that I couldn’t face another rich meal or alcoholic beverage. My body had quite simply had enough. But what do you do in the city to socialise that doesn’t involve food and/or drink? Hmmm… good question!

Unfortunately, in modern culture, the main forms of entertainment involve binge drinking and over indulging. True, no? But things are about to change as exercise and health become the new ways to catch up with your bestie. People are realising that they don’t have to sacrifice health to have fun. I strongly believe in balance and I’m not saying to ditch the drink or abandon eating out entirely, but next time you’re planning on meeting up with friends, why not try a goss whilst running in the park or over a smoothie at the local juice bar?

What did I decide to do to catch up with the girls on my return? Roller disco! More belly laughing, fab company, a whole lot of fun, exercising without even realising it and no hangover the next day… Looking after your body is quickly becoming the new way to be happy, and what better way to do so that with friends by your side! It’s time to get your health on, tigers and I’m here to help you out along the way! xx