Galentine’s with Victoria’s Secret

Valentine’s Day is upon us and it might possibly be making every Singleton cringe. However, who said that you have to be in a relationship to celebrate love?! Introducing, Galentine’s…

Victoria’s Secret welcomed Valentine’s Day by getting all of their VS girls together for the ultimate V-Day dinner. We drank, we ate (a lot) and we had the chance to view the all-new Victoria’s Secret lingerie and perfume collections.

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Valentines… The Healthy Way!

It’s Valentines weekend, which means you’re likely to be doing one of the next few options… Being treated by a loved one, celebrating singleness either alone or with friends, or drowning your sorrows whilst watching chick flicks and stuffing your face with chocolate (I recommend Bridget Jones for that real I-don’t-need-a-man feeling). Whichever option ticks your box, it’s likely that there’s going to be some naughty little treats involved at some point. Eh hum, I’m talking about the food and drink kind…

Well, whether you’re treating yourself or a loved one- or simply opting for Bridget- I’ve got five little tips on how to keep your day healthy, but still delicious!

Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries

I won’t deprive you of chocolate, but dark is the best. Even better if you can top up on one of your five a day whilst you’re at it.

Heart Shaped Eggs

Just buy one of these cheeky little devices (I got mine at Paperchase) and taadahh, your eggs are transformed. The perfect breakfast in bed surprise. Serve with avo on brown toast with a nice big smoothie!


Go for a Run

On Valentines? Yes! Whether alone or with company, it’s the best way to get those endorphins active (that’s feel good chemicals produced by our body) so you’ll be feeling great all day, date or not.

Heart Shaped Fruit Pops

Looks good, tastes sweet. What’s not to like? Try freezing them if you’re a fan of ice lollies!


Invest in New Lingerie

It could either lead to some good old bedroom exercise or will make you feel fab! It’s not a fact, but from my personal opinion, the better we feel about our body the more we take care of it.

Single or taken, you deserve to give your body the care and love that it deserves on Valentines and beyond. Have a fab weekend guys! xx