Vita Coco Coconut Oil

With holiday season in full swing, it’s vital that we keep our skin healthy and moisturised. Daily moisturising is key- I opt for day and night- as well as plenty of water of course! But when it comes to layering my skin with the thirst-quenching good stuff, my number one go-to moisturiser is Vita Coco Coconut Oil and I am OBSESSED!

It’s not every day you can say that you can eat your moisturiser. Well with Vita Coco you can. It’s natural, raw and organic, meaning no nasty chemicals to get in the way.  It’s also cold pressed therefore packed with all of it’s original goodness. It will keep your skin soft, hydrated and is my now not-so-secret way of maintaining my holiday glow throughout summer and beyond. Simply apply to your body (I would avoid adding to your face, as it’s a little… oily) wait to dry and you’re good to go. It’s especially great to wear before bed and if you want to give your feet some TLC just layer up the coconut oil, slip on your socks and dream the night away. You’ll wake up feeling silky smooth!

Available in 500ml or 750ml tubs for £9.99 and £14.50 respectively. You only need to use a tiny amount so one tub can last months! x

vita coco

Summer Glow, All Year Long.

So the Christmas and New Year celebrations are well and truly over. Most of us are back at work feeling a little run down after over indulging and our moods gloomier than the cold winter weather. All of a sudden the next thing to look forward to seems to be Summer. Oh the long days, hot nights, constant buzz and killer tans. We’re either penning in that summer escape or (for the more impatient ones of us) scanning the internet for those last minute deals.

Either way, by this time of year I’m usually feeling ridiculously pale- yes, even with my part-African mix- and I too am searching for that warm weather getaway. However, this year I’m looking surprisingly tanned and it’s all down to one little pot of magic- raw coconut oil.

Myself and my boyfriend have been using coconut oil as a moisturiser since returning from holiday last August. It’s worked wonders for our skin and nearly 6 months on, has managed to maintain our tans. In the midst of winter my skin is usually tired and dry after being deprived of the sunshine that it craves for so long. Instead, it’s healthy and glowing. Almost as if I’ve just returned from a quick weekend getaway! I’ve never seen anything like it. What’s more, I have a glowing boyfriend to match.

Applied daily, raw coconut oil will deeply moisturise your skin helping you to look and be healthier all year round. It’s fully natural, so there are no nasty chemicals that you might find in man-made moisturisers and averaging at around £6-£10 for a medium sized pot, it will last you for a good few months. Just be careful when applying to your face. Oil isn’t the best here, especially if you are prone to blemishing, therefore apply to the skin in circular motions before bed and wash off with a cleanser immediately after application for the most effective results.

I use Vita Coco Raw Coconut Oil and paid £8.49 for a 500ml tub. For moisturised skin and lasting tans, I would definitely recommend giving it a try! xx