The Top Fashion Trainers To Buy This Winter

I am obsessed with activewear and athleisure clothing. In fact, I spend most of my life wearing it, which also means that I spend a lot of time in trainers. Yet when it comes to the right footwear outside of the gym and for completing that sports luxe look, it can sometimes be a little tricky.

We all know that shoes can make or break an outfit so here are my favourite non-gym trainers to keep your feet looking on-point this winter.

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Zara Sport

I’d heard that Zara have been selling sportswear for a little while now, yet strangely I’ve only just properly checked it out. Perhaps it was my crazy saving scheme that seems to have been taking place all year, avoiding shops at all costs, or simply that I have sportswear coming out of my ears so really shouldn’t be buying any more- who am I kidding, you can NEVER have enough sportswear! Anyway, whatever the reason, I’m late. Admittedly poor behaviour for a fitness blogger and I’m not sure that I should be pointing this out to you all, but I feel that it’s worth it if it means that I can direct any other poor soul that has been missing out into the sporty Zara light!

It’s fabulous! It really is and is amazingly affordable. Sure, it doesn’t have the technology that Nike or New Balance may hold, but it’s fashion and will do a damn good job of making you look and feel great in the gym, on your run in the park or when you fancy a sporty look for your day off. Consisting of basic mix and match items, Zara have hit the nail right on the head. Check it out for yourself right here or see my favourite pieces below… x

£12.99 @ Zara. Image Source:
£12.99 @ Zara. Image Source:
£15.99 @ Zara. Image Source:
£15.99 @ Zara. Image Source:
£9.99 @ Zara. Image Source: